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SharePoint consulting

Most enterprises need help to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint, and that is where our experienced consultants help you with unique solutions. We offer tailor-made SharePoint solutions designed after an audit of your existing systems, requirements, and understanding of organizational goals.

SharePoint Development

We help you build SharePoint applications that help for multiple use cases. SharePoint applications customized by our experts offer enhanced automation for different processes. It also enables organizations to focus on the business aspects, reducing efforts on manual tasks.

SharePoint Migration

Migration to SharePoint requires careful consideration of migrating the content security, testing the data migrates, and fine-tuning requirements. This is where our expert consultants help you with customized SharePoint migration solutions.

SharePoint Integration

SharePoint is a platform that offers web-based collaborative capabilities, which integrates with Microsoft Office to provide enhanced functionalities. We help companies integrate SharePoint into their systems by customizing the APIs and creating compatible environments.

SharePoint Support

We offer end-to-end support for SharePoint, integration, implementation, and maintenance. Apart from the maintenance, our team analyzes your systems and provides continuous improvement of SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint Health Check

Your systems need a 360-degree checkup to ensure all the SharePoint implementations perform well. We have a predefined set of quality checks and standards that are checked to ensure SharePoint solutions deliver higher value.

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Deployment Models That Suit Your Business Needs!

On-premise Deployments

When it comes to on-premise deployment, you need a reliable infrastructure that can scale as per demand, is secure, and provides flexibility. We make sure your on-premise SharePoint site deployments are seamless, secure, and high-performance. Our team offers architecture design, automatic configuration, and allocation of resources for your SharePoint deployments.

Cloud Deployments

Integrating Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint online, we offer end-to-end cloud deployments for your applications. Our team of experts creates custom cloud deployment plans for your SharePoint sites. It includes the creation of cloud environments, data access management policies, information security, and scaling on demand.

Hybrid Deployments

DevOps Technologies offers tailor-made hybrid solutions if you want to keep the core services on-premise and migrate specific workloads on the cloud for your SharePoint sites. Our team helps you with advanced search features, content storage, data processing, system audits, and monitoring for enhanced ROI.

SharePoint Solutions For Better Agility, Cost-Efficiency & ROI

Whether you need enhanced intranet communications or a secure networking environment, our SharePoint consulting solutions can help you with custom solutions. We help you create secure intranet apps and portals that employees can use for enhanced collaborations.

  • Enhanced communications between teams
  • Centralized governance with remote capabilities
  • Enterprise-grade content distribution
  • Better employee engagement and enhanced productivity

External sites, partner portals, and customer interactions need a highly available extranet environment. We ensure high-end extranet interactions through customized APIs, clean network environments, and enhanced security. Our teams help your design APIs for external interactions for a seamless experience across SharePoint sites.

  • Feature-rich partner portals
  • Content exchange security
  • Enhanced role and responsibility definition
  • The role-based access policy for data protection

We help you with crucial document management automation with SharePoint solutions. It includes sequencing departments, identifying sources, determining department requirements, establishing storage locations, defining governance policies, and training users.

  • Enhanced documentation across applications
  • Custom solution that caters to each department’s needs
  • Better data governance
  • High-end collaborations across departments

We help companies with learning management using SharePoint solutions to train their employees. You can directly distribute the training content for your employees using SharePoint solutions and even generate reports on learning outcomes.

  • Organization-wide content distribution
  • Enhanced data analytics on learning outcomes
  • Automation of content delivery
  • Content creation for training is easy

Create a centralized resource for your organization that can help employees, trainers, and users with important knowledge sources. We help you build a centralized SharePoint resource that helps deliver organizational knowledge.

  • Integration of your system with an enhanced data classification tool
  • Updating the content frequently
  • Enhanced collaborations and version control of documentation
  • Better storage, analysis, and protection of knowledge assets

Our SharePoint has integrated AI and mixed reality (MR) solutions that provide an enhanced experience for users with high-end personalizations. You can improve the user experience for your applications using the AI capabilities integrated into the system through the SharePoint solution.

  • Intelligent AI integration for superior personalizations
  • Customized hub sites for MR-based experiences
  • AI-based content discovery and delivery
  • Personalized workspaces for enhanced collaborations
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Rebuild Your Enterprise Experience WIth Enhanced Digital Workplace

SharePoint solutions help with high-end automation, content delivery, and collaborations. We make it far more advanced by merging Office 365 and Microsoft 365 capabilities into SharePoint solutions.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 comes with many different applications that you can use for your business activities. SharePoint sites can help you merge Office 365 capabilities into your system to create a collaborative platform. We build customized SharePoint solutions that help you create a centralized platform to access Office 365 applications.

Microsoft 365

SharePoint sites allow you to leverage Microsoft 365 applications for enhanced collaborations. We design SharePoint solutions that help you integrate Microsoft 365 applications for better collaborations, a user-friendly interface, and advanced features.

Delivering Quality SharePoint Solution for 2X ROI

We ensure higher user adoption of your SharePoint sites through solutions that focus on personalization. Our team conducts comprehensive user acceptance testing to ensure better website adoption.

From deploying SharePoint solutions in an optimal approach to testing sites for performance monitoring, our expert teams ensure the desired outcome for your operations. Our team also conducts frequent tests and fine-tunes site performance.

We ensure your data is secure and the system is protected against cybersecurity threats. Our team designs highly secure architecture for your SharePoint sites with clean environments and enhanced data access authorization mechanisms.

Our SharePoint consulting services include site development, maintenance, and compliance management. We ensure your systems comply with data regulation standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and others.


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