Reliable & Resilient Backend Development for Your Websites

The backend of a website or application is like a backbone! If your backend is robust, your applications offer a seamless experience. DevOps Technologies provide resilient backend development for highly available systems.

Our Backend Expertise

DevOps Technologies offers a complete range of higher-quality backend solutions that involves writing, refactoring, and migrating resources to the cloud for high performance.

Backend Development

Leverage our backend services to build high-performance server-side layers of your applications. We help your systems with bespoke backend solutions that can handle peak loads and offer data management across environments like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Backend Refactoring

Our team of expert backend developers refactors your apps without affecting the operations. We separate the frontend from the backend and refactor the codebase isolating business logic from it. The entire process makes your systems cost-effective, optimized, and resilient to failures.

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration solutions include integrating cloud-based services, machine learning, and computing engines. We offer a cloud-based backend development to handle peak loads, scale on demand, and process massive data.

Redefine System Performance With Enhanced Architecture Design

The architecture design of a backend system forms the crux of your application. We help your application stand out amidst competition through reliable backend architecture.

API Management

We help you create custom APIs for multi-cloud environments, manage configurations and improve security through enhanced monitoring practices.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Our engineers secure sensitive data stored, processed, and managed across environments by implementing efficient IAM policies.

Service Integrations

We enable enhanced service integrations across applications for your business through enhanced API-based communications using REST/SOAP services.

Messaging Notifications

We help build reliable push notification services for your systems which deliver real-time messages on the user’s device as per business requirements.

Data Synchronization

Our backend developers help you synchronize the data across systems in real time through enhanced functionality and reliable infrastructure.

Data Storage

We build high-performance infrastructure systems that enable relational database management, enhanced storage, and secure data access across pon-premise or cloud storage.


Technologies We have Expertise In


We choose Python when it comes to building custom feature-rich web solutions, taking advantage of its mature libraries, using external packages for time-critical tasks where circumstances so require, and leveraging Python frameworks to draw on their immerse ready-made functionality.


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Quick MVP Delivery
  • High flexibility
  • Lower TCO
  • Easier manageability

Mobile Backend

On-Premise Data

We build auto-sync systems that help your applications source data from different resources and synchronize with the on-premise data centers in real time.

Single Sign-on

We enable a single sign-on feature for your application to make login seamless and onboarding smoother for users.

Offline Data Sync

Our backend engineers create applications with caching capabilities that save data locally while offline and sync it in real time while your internet connection is active.

Notification Broadcasting

Whether you have a native or hybrid application, we develop enhanced notification broadcasting services to push messages to users.

Backend in the cloud

DevOps Technologies help you build cloud infrastructure and backend systems that scale on-demand as per requirements. Our cloud-native solutions are designed to cater to varying needs leveraging agile processes, CI/CD implementations, and automation.

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Floating Data Connected With The Glass Above The Sea!

Our Backend development solutions are designed to be modular, which helps your data float connected to the sea of resources through APIs.

Backend Security & Performance You Can Rely On!

Reliability is the basic need of each backend system, and DevOps Technologies provide the same through highly experienced engineers.

Security Standards

We ensure high data security and access management through secure IAM policies. Our team monitors your systems and conducts risk assessments, vulnerability scans, and penetration tests to ensure protection from OWASP-defined cyber threats.
Enhanced Performance
DevOps Technologies leverage advanced backend development to ensure high-performance apps. Our backend development services are designed to improve application responsiveness, resilience, agility, and security.


& Frameworks

  • .NET
  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Amazon EC2
  • Rackspace
  • Azure
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Apprenda
  • Heroku
  • Google App Engine


  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB


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