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First-Time AI Adoption

We assess your existing systems, legacy applications, and environment to ensure you are ready for AI adoption. Our team ensures that your applications are modernized for AI integration, and that system architecture is compatible with the new environment.


Audit and reengineering

Adopting AI with a legacy architecture can lead to performance bottlenecks. This is where our team helps you by auditing the system, underlying architecture, and legacy apps. Further, we re-engineer legacy code as per new architecture and modernize systems for enhanced AI adoptions.


AI Expansion

Expanding your AI across applications and departments within an organization can be challenging incredibly if your systems are not ready. We audit, modernize, and scale your AI adoption with proof of concept. Our AI consulting solutions are designed to offer a sustainable and AI-driven ecosystem of apps.

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Bias-free Model Training

Training the AI algorithms right is essential as it can have a massive impact on your business. Identifying the right data source, designing training modules, and curating high-quality data sets are crucial, which is why DevOps AI consulting services can help.

Algorithm Explainability & Accuracy

AI algorithm accuracy is a significant concern for many businesses. Our services can help by providing high-quality data sets and algorithm training that ensure better accuracy. We train, test, and deploy ML algorithms for better business outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

AI-based services must comply with data and privacy regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, etc. So, your need an AI adoption strategy and reliable systems to ensure better compliance. We offer automated solutions with advanced algorithms that handle sensitive data and maintain compliance standards.

User Buy-in

We help companies train their existing workforce and transition towards AI adoption through upskilling. This enables organizations to reduce the effects of AI adoption on their workforce and enhance change management across departments.

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Artificial  Intelligence Services

Use Case Definition

Defining where you can maximize gains from AI is important because investing in a use case that does not deliver can impact ROI. This is where DevOps AI consulting services help you identify the best AI use cases by analyzing the market, integrations, and business context.
  • Stakeholders viewpoint inclusion
  • Use case feasibility analysis
  • Market surveys and demand analysis
  • System and infrastructure assessments

Data Preparation

AI algorithms need high-quality data to develop the intelligence businesses experience. We identify the data sources, analyze quality, and ensure training modules for algorithms align with business goals.
  • Data source identification and Audit
  • Information sanitization
  • Data integrity check
  • Data processing Automation

ML Model Development

Machine learning algorithm training and designing inferences for intelligent operational delivery requires top-notch AI consulting solutions. We design high-quality training modules for your ML model development which you can quickly deploy for various use cases.
  • Segmentation of Information
  • Labeling, testing, and adjusting Data
  • Developing enhanced ML Training Modules
  • Deployment across Environments

AI Infrastructure Setup

AI modules analyze, process, and generate tons of data. So, you need enhanced infrastructure to ensure high data availability for training, pattern identification, and AI-based operations. We help you deploy cloud-based infrastructure with a hybrid approach to offer robust backend performance.
  • Development of training hubs for AI
  • Flexible infrastructure design for BigData
  • CI/CD pipeline implementations 
  • Deployment and data pipeline Management

AI Software Development

Integration of AI into your existing software needs compatible systems, environments, and customized APIs. Our turnkey AI software solutions offer end-to-end integration across systems. We provide an extended team to assist your in-house teams in delivering AI-based software experience.
  • Existing application and system audit
  • Reengineering legacy systems for AI
  • Custom API development for AI integrations
  • Cross-platform deployment of AI software

User Training & Support

Our team offers complete training of in-house teams for AI adoption and post-deployment onboarding sessions. We ensure minimal transitional barriers and smoother integration of AI-based systems into enterprise process flows.
  • Swift onboarding of teams across AI deployments
  • Comprehensive demos of AI-based products
  • Custom API development for AI integrations
  • 24/7/365 technical support


With our in-house team of AI consultants, data scientists, engineers, and analysts, we are ready to take up your challenge and solve it based on our expert knowledge in the following AI disciplines, among others:

  • Deep learning
  • Predictive modeling
  • Natural language processing
  • Voice, facial and emotion recognition
  • Biometric identification
  • Image analysis
  • Robotic process automation
  • Collaborative and content-based filtering

Deploying AI Across Business Use Cases

DevOps AI consulting solutions are designed to deliver personalized user experience across business domains and use cases. We identify, analyze, and test AI-based products for different use cases delivering higher business value.

Modern business solutions are data-driven and require intelligent analytics. We build advanced AI-based systems that can identify key patterns, fine-tune delivery, and automate operations to improve ROI.

  • Risk assessments
  • Operational efficiency
  • Demand and supply forecasting
  • Predictive recommendations

Customer acquisition,  lead generation, and conversions require insights into user behavior. We enable advanced marketing and sales analytics through AI software for your branding campaigns.

  • Sales quality lead generation
  • User behavior analytics
  • Sales forecasting and strategies
  • Reduced churn rates 

Customer support and service strategies need in-depth analysis of user interactions. We integrate AI into existing customer care workflows with advanced analytics to power your sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Context-based AI integrations
  • Chatbots and cognitive assistant development
  • Automated customer support systems
  • Self-serving support systems

DevOps AI consulting services ensure enhanced cybersecurity through intelligent security scanning, anomaly detection, and data protection. Our solutions leverage secure ML models for use cases like biometric recognition, system code sanitization, penetration testing, and employing data access policies.

  • AI-based Biometric Security Solutions
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Sanitizations
  • Anomaly Detection 
  • Data access Authorization Mechanisms


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