DevOps Technologies helped the customer implement the web app’s functionality, helping the customer extend target audience reach and increase user satisfaction.

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Our Customer is a leading provider of antiquates, the gallery is specialists in artifacts Biblical items, Ancient coins, Jewelry and art object from all periods of history, all which are of museum quality. The gallery is specialists in artifacts Biblical items, Ancient coins, Ancient glass, Jewelry, art object from all periods of history, Oriental Carpets, Old silver ware, Old Judaica Arts, Traditional Palestinian customs, and other old brass and coper items, all which are of museum quality.

Barakat Gallery is seeking to keep in step with the end users’ expectations, the Customer requested DevOps Technologies to extend the management software with additional video editing and management features.



The customer had already had mockups for web and apps, so before proceeding to development, our team conducted a UX/UI audit of both the mockups and the web platform. Drawing on the results, we came up with a set of recommendations on upgrading the platform’s and the future apps’ usability, such as:

  • Optimizing the screen layout and buttons placement in the Search and Account tabs
  • Decluttering the registration form by removing unnecessary information and fields
  •  Adding paid plan selection to the signup form to inform users about the platform’s premium features
  • Removing superfluous yet unskippable steps from the user onboarding process
  • Unifying button typography across the apps
  • Increasing the font size and contrast in the login form to highlight primary buttons

 Apps Development

Built by DevOps Technologies ’s Web developers with PHP and WordPress CMS. The delivered  apps offer users the following capabilities:

  • Search for categories, products, time periods, and other antiques  industry
  • Account management, allowing users to edit profile information, settings, and membership level
  •  The news feed with the latest projects of the listed artists
  • Navigation through the news, articles, public user lists, and latest brand advertising campaigns

Development Process

DevOps Technologies team consisted of a project manager and software developers who were responsible for building the mobile applications and the web platform functionality enhancements as well as manual functional testing of the apps on emulators and iOS and Android devices.

The customer’s team included the company’s president and editor-in-chief, technical director, and UI designer/creative manager. The president and editor-in-chief assumed the role of Product Owner and formulated the project requirements. The technical director was responsible for ensuring the apps’ interaction with the database via an API. The UI designer/creative manager was in charge of the UI design and provided our team with mockups for the apps.

Due to the varying frequency and scope of the product requirements, we chose the Kanban methodology with periodic delivery of updates (approximately once a month) in the form of a ready-to-test app build along with the source code. Based on the build testing results, the customer provided their feedback, including any detected bugs and improvement ideas.



Having extended the capabilities of the Customer’s sports management software, DevOps Technologies successfully improved the way sports videos are managed, edited, and shared online.

The Customer kept on collaborating with DevOps Technologies . Our team provided maintenance and support services, fixed shortcomings in the solution and enhanced its functionality further.



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Upon the request of a sports industry solution provider, DevOps Technologies enriched the functionality of a custom sports management software. The implemented video editing and streaming capabilities allowed making sports video design and distribution easier, faster and more flexible.